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1/11/08 What's Happening on 6th and Badger in Evansville?

What's going on at 6th and Badger in Evansville?solar%20Evansville.JPG

Is this the Evansville High School Construction Home? Are those solar panels? Is local business Albright Electric helping to install them? Will only six solar panels really supply one third of the electric usage of this home? ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES!

Says the Evansville Observer on January 6: "Tomorrow morning, 8AM sharp, the first solar electric application will begin construction at the Evansville High School construction home at 6th and Badger.

Albright Electric will be doing the installation with helpers, and the students will be observing throughout the day. While this is an educational process for the students....it is also an educational opportunity for all citizens, and the Evansville Observer will be on hand with audio and video to document the process"

The BRPC takes its hat off to this project!  Read about it here.

This is the kind of renewable energy plan that makes sense for Rock County! It doesn't tear up our farm lands or tear up relationships between neighbors. It involves local business and it doesn't involve the inefficient and wasteful transmission of electricity over long distances. Solar technologies are improving by the day. It won't be long before this will be an affordable answer for many of us.


We thank the Evansville Observer for this post . Please visit them by clicking here.



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