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1/2/07 What's the Latest From Calumet County?



An article in the January 1st 2008 edition of the Sheboygan Press called "Community Conversations: Wind Turbulence sweeps through Calument County" asks:

"What constitutes protection of public health and safety for siting and operating 400-foot industrial wind turbines with capacities of 1.65 to 2 megawatts?"

 For the last year, this question has caused controversy and stress in Calument County and trouble between neighbors that we hope to avoid in our community as we face a similar large wind farm proposal from the same developers.

The article says that among the common health and safety concerns were "unacceptable noise levels that disrupted sleeping and other activities, shadowing and flickering inside residences, health problems and attitude changes in their families, loss of property value, interference with television reception and Internet services, and refusal by wind energy system owner/operators to deal with complaints."

   Residents also expressed concerns about the groundwater, and flight corridors for medical helicopters and law enforcement microwave relay pathways.

(Read the entire Sheboygan Press article at its source by clicking here)


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