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10/10/08 September Brings Good Sleeping Weather-- UNLESS you have wind turbines all around your house-- SOUNDS OF SEPTEMBER IN FOND DU LAC COUNTY-- Brownsville Diary Noise Log Update

While wind developers continue to downplay the trouble with noise from industrial scale wind turbines, the truth keeps making its way to the public. Watch ABC's Charles Gibson with microphone recording the noise from a wind turbine by clicking here (Warning! There may be an ad you have to suffer through to watch this.)

We believe this is one of the first times the actual sound of an industrial-scale wind turbine has been presented to the public. Mr. Gibson calls it "the sound of the future" -- but for people who are living 1100 feet  (350 steps) from wind turbines of this size in Dodge and Fond du Lac counties here in Wisconsin, it's not the sound of the future. It's the sound of sleepless nights, headaches, and miserable days, right now. Today. Tonight.

And click here to watch a CNBC news segment on people who had to move out of their homes because of turbine noise and other unexpected health-effects of living too close to such immense industrial machines.

Below is what September sounded like to a Fond du Lac family living inside of an 86 turbine wind farm which went on line in March of 2008.


(You can download the entire diary by clicking here)

September 1

-  5:15 AM Wind S calm, 18.6 rpms, dba 44.4, dbc 59.3. Loud jet sound from turbines 4 and 73.
-8:45 AM Wind S 7 knots, 16 rpms. Loud jet sound from turbines 4 and 73. To equalize the sound I walked north to 1360’ from turbine 4 and 2680’ from turbine 73. Very annoying. Oh, this is more than ½ a mile from turbine 73.
-1:55 PM Wind S, 5 knots gusts to 14 knots, 13.3 rpms. All day there has been a loud jet sound like there is fighting between turbine 4 and 73 as to who can be the loudest. My stomach feels full and nauseated, tired of being out  listening all day. I have lived here 37 years and never imagined we would he to live with these health and welfare effects.
-9:25 PM Wind SE, 18.3 rpms. Turbine 4 dba 49.1, dbc 64.3, turbine 73 dba 47.9 dbc 64.9. This whole day has been loud mostly between turbines 73 and 4. At this  time also 74a and others to the south are loud. I have been sick to my stomach feeling most of the day. I was just in the bathroom and I can hear turbines from there. Our bathroom has no outside wall. As I write this in the computer room I hear turbine sounds, but am not sure if from the north (4) or south (73,74a + others). It has been a very bad day.
-10:55 PM Wind SE 4  knots dba 51.6, dbc 69.5 from the sidewalk 20’ from our house or 1585’ from turbine 4.

September 2 –

-6:15 AM Wind calm 18.3 rpms. Almost as loud as last night. I can hear turbines 4 and 73 and 6. It looks like another bad day in store.
-11:45 PM Wind NW, 5 knots, dba 51.1, dbc 60.6. We just got home from the Idols concert in Green Bay with my wife’s sister. She had not heard the turbines before. She said, “My goodness. It sounds like a jet taking off”. Turbines 4 and 6 are very loud and ripping the sky apart. Terribly loud jet sound. I can hear turbines in the house. 

September 3 –

-5:15 AM Wind NW 18.6 rpms.  Jet sound from turbines 73 and 4.
-12:35 PM Wind N,  11 rpms, 8 knots. Humming and whooshing sound #4.
-8:10 PM Wind NE 13.3 rpms. Low jet flying over sound.
-12:20 AM Wind NE. Louder sound than before.

September 4

– 6:40 AM Rain, Wind NE 15 rpms. Turbine 73 is louder than turbine 4. Turbine 73 is 2480’ away from the house.
-  9:25 PM Wind N, light rain, strong wind. Outside I can hear the jet sound over the wind. Inside in the computer room I can hear turbines.
---10:55 PM Wind N, 11 Knots. I hear turbines inside the house☹
   -12:10 AM Wind N, dba 51.2, dbc 73.4. There is a  Jet sound. I can hear turbine 4 in the house with the door closed.

September 5

– 7:35 AM Wind NW calm, low clouds 400’, 13.6 rpms. I can hear jet sound from turbine 4.
---1:10 PM Wind NW, 11.3 rpms. Sound not too bad.
  --4:25 PM Wind NW, 11 rpms, dba 43, Dbc 54.3. Humming and whooshing sound. This afternoon many of the turbines were not turning.
---11:25 PM Wind W, 11.3 rpms, humming and whooshing sound. 

September 6

– 7:10 AM Wind W, 4 knots, 11 rpms. Humming sound.
--2:00 PM Wind W, 16.6 rpms.Turbine loud humming and whooshing. Turbine 6 loud jet sound. 5:20 PM Wind W, calm, 11
    rpms. Humming and grinding sound.
--7:40 PM Wind SW, calm, 11 rpms. Humming sound.
    10:05 PM Wind W, calm, 11 rpms. Turbine 4 humming and can hear turbine 6 as well.

September 7

--6:15 AM Wind W, 11 rpms. Whoosh, whoosh sound.
----5:25 PM Wind SW 9 knots, 18 rpms, turbine 4-50.4 dba, 68.7 dbc. All day or from noon turbine 4 was loud jet flying over sound during our family reunion picnic outdoors. Many commented about the loud sound.
----8:00 PM Wind NW calm, light rain, 13.6 rpms. Jet sound and whoosh sound from turbine 4. Jet sound from turbine 75a, ¾ mile away☹
    -11:45 PM I hear the humming of #4 while in the  dining room and from my computer I hear turbine 73. The day has been bad and it just continues on even with the wind calm.

September 8

– 5:15 AM Wind NW, slow. Humming sound. 9:55 AM Wind NW 3 knots, 7.3 rpms.  Pretty slow. Looks like an attempt to show they are working. Wind W. All turbines are shutting down.
    --11:30 PM Wind W, calm, dba 42.7, dbc 60.3. Turbine 6 is louder than turbine 4 jet  sound. Turbine 6 is ¾ mile away.

September 9

– Wind calm, 0 rpms. All 86 turbines are still. What wonderful peace!
    3:45 PM Wind SW 5 knots variable. No turbines turning, but our ice cream is OK. The gas, nuclear and coal
    Generators must be working.
    9:50 PM Wind SE, 3 knots, dba 45.3, dbc 60.3. Low jet sound.

September 10

– 5:15 AM Wind S, calm, 11 rpms. Humming sound.
    7:20 AM Wind S, 3 knots, 11 rpms. Humming sound.
    8:25 AM Wind SW, calm, 11 rpms. Only 25% of the industrial, noisy turbines are turning.
    5:35 PM Wind SE, 8 knots, 15 rpms. Fairly loud whoosh and hum sound
    for a SE wind.
    9:30 PM Wind SW, 5 knots, 18 rpms, sound at house dba 49.4, dbc 61.3, sound at back of property dba 45.3, dbc 64.2, front of house dba 44.5, dbc 60.9. Our son has been down from his room twice complaining of the turbine sound from his room. The sound is close to the Chinook [helicopter] sound between turbines 4 and 73. I have had a crackling sound in my left ear for about 10 days.
    11:10 PM Wind SE, dba 48.2, dbc 71.3. Loud jet sound from turbines 4 & 6.

September 11

– 6:25 AM Wind SE. 3 knots, 18.3 rpms. Very loud jet flying over sound filling the air  rom the South, West and North. Yesterday I had slight headache most of the day. I was  working outside most of the day. I rarely get headaches. This morning when I woke up I thought about the buzzing or crackling in my ear for the past week. Is it from the constant turbine noise? I also am concerned about being tired most of the time and not having much ambition. I could take a nap at any time and often do. I see customers that were on my mail route just 6 weeks ago and can not remember their names. This is not just occasionally, but everyday and with people I know. I wonder if I am getting Alzheimer’s disease early or is it turbine sound related? I am 59.
    3:15 PM. Wind SE. I just got home from Madison. Turbine 4& 6 and 73 are giving off loud, ripping the sky apart [noise] even over the rain. About 14 of the turbines  on the West edge of the project are not turning.
    9:50 PM Wind SSW, 9 knots, cloudy, humid. Turbines 4, 73 and 6 are filling the air with ripping, loud jet sound. I can hear turbines at my Computer which is in my house 1560’ – 2480’ from the large industrial wind turbines. At house dba 50.2, dbc 65.8, back dba 52.3, dbc 62.3, front dba 47.1, dbc 65.5.

September 12 –

--6:55 AM Wind SW calm, 11 rpms. Low humming sound.
    7:00 PM Wind calm, no Turning.
    11:40 PM Low hum

September 13 –

   --7:10 AM Wind E, foggy and drizzling, 14.6 rpms. Sound is covered by the rain and
    --8:30 PM We just got home from a day trip to our cabin and as soon as I got out of the
    truck I can hear turbines 4 and 73 ripping the sky apart as loud as a Chinook helicopter.
    11:30 PM Wind W. Only hear the jet sound from turbine 4

September 14 –

    Wind N, 8 knots, 11 rpms. I can hear the sound over light rain. I noticed a crackling
    in my left ear last night and this morning.
    8:25 AM Wind NNW, dba 49.3, dbc 63.8 with a loud jet sound. I can hear turbine 4 at my computer. 12:20 PM 14 rpms. Loud jet sound.
    7:15 PM Wind NW 5 knots, 14 rpms, dba 44.0, dbc 61.3. Loud jet sound, but not as loud as all  afternoon up until 30 minutes ago. It was a tense day working in the barn shop and picking berries and apples with the obnoxious sound…sickening sound.
    10:35 PM Wind NW, light rain, 9 knots. Very loud jet sound ripping through the sky. 10:10 PM Wind NW. I can hear turbines
    4 and 6 loud jet sound. I can hear turbine 4 in the house. I have a crackling in my left ear.

September 15

    5:15 AM Wind NW, 10 knots, 14.3 rpms, dba 45.7, dbc 63.5 Fairly loud jet sound from
    turbine 4.. and I can also hear turbine 6.
    1:20 PM. Wind NW, 6 knots, cloudy, 11 rpms. Low  hum.
    4:00 PM Most turbines are not turning. It is so peaceful picking the raspberries and being able to hear the bees buzzing with out the sounds of the industrial wind turbines.

    September 16 –

    6:20 AM Wind SW, 4 knots, feels calm, 14.6 rpms, dba 44.6, dbc 61.4. Loud motor running or humming sound. I’m hearing turbine 4 in the barn shop and at the computer at 7:05
    11:15 AM Wind SW loud, dba 47.1, dbc 64.7.
    4:15 PM Wind SW, 11 knots, dba 47.3, dbc 67.2, 18 rpms. Turbine 4 and 6 are making loud jet flying over sounds, ripping the sky apart. It has been loud all day.
    9:40 PM Wind SW 11 knots, house dba 50.1, dbc 65.6, back dba 51,  dbc 66.5, front dba 50.7, dbc 66.5, 18 rpms.This is the loudest night in a long time. I hear #4, 6, 73, 74a, 3a and and possibly more. I can hear them at the computer in the front of the house  and in the family room in the back of the house with the TV on. Keep in mind turbine 6 is ¾
    mile, # 73 is 2480’ and 74a 5/8 mile away. It is very sad our town officials and PSC have allowed this turbine project to affect the health of residents in this area and it will continue in other areas.
    11:40 PM I hear turbine jet flying over sound while watching TV in our family room☹

September 17 –

    4:30 AM Wind SW, 5 knots, dba 47.4, dbc 62.3. Jet sound from turbine 4 and 6. Last  night I slept very little due to the constant sound in the house. This is the worst since they began turning on March 3, 2008. I could hear a low like whoosh sound or at times the house seemed to be vibrating. I am getting more angry at elected officials for allowing this to happen
 and that something (turbines) that are 28-30% efficient are even promoted. This is an unjust  use of our tax dollars. I hear turbine sounds as I write this at the computer.
    5:05 PM Wind N, 1 rpms. Fairly calm. Not much noise compared to yesterday.
    10:30 PM Wind N. Noise Is Covered by sweet corn harvesting machinery at the neighbors.

September 18 –

    6:35 AM Wind E, 11.3 rpms. Low hum sound.
    10:35 PM Wind SE, dba 46.0 dbc  66.9. Jet sound. Louder than during the day

September 19 –

    6:45 AM Wind S, 5 knots, 18 rpms, house dba 51.3, dbc 69.9, front dba 49.9, dbc 65.4. The sound outside is loud. The environmental impact statement for this project and Invenergy company officials say with the new technology you only hear the sound from oneside of the turbine. This is not true. I hear turbine 4, 1560’ to the north and turbine 73, 2480’ to
the south both ripping the sky apart this morning. I hear turbine noise as I write this at the computer. Yes, in the house, Very irritating.
    7:50 PM Wind SW, 18 rpms, dba 49.0, dbc 62.1.It has been loud all day. I’m sure there will be sleep problems tonight.            11:45 PM Wind SW, 9 knots. I can hear turbines 4 and 73 loudest and 74a and 6. I was watching TV and when there
    was no talking I could hear the whoosh, whoosh of the turbines☹ Our son was down complaining and with a recording he had made of the sounds of the turbines he can hear from his room.
It is 11:55 PM and I can still hear him awake. I can hear the turbines at the computer.

September 20 –

    7:20 AM Wind SW, 8 knots, but seems calm, 15 rpms, dba 44.1, dbc 60.6, clear sky.The sound is fairly quiet other than whooshing and humming of the turbines (this is not the pleasant sound like someone humming to music).
    7;35 PM Wind SW, 9 knots, seems calm, 11.6 rpms. I can hear the sound of turbine 4 but no sound reading as the farmer 300 yards down the hill began corn chopping and silo filling so sound reading. It would not be fair to take a sound reading with tractors and choppers running so close by.
    8:20 PM Wind SW, calm, 11 rpms, low hum.

September 21

Wind NE, 4 knots, 11 rpms. Little sound today. The last 2 days I have had a lot of  crackling in my left ear. This morning I woke with the sound. It is like taking wax paper and crunching it next to the ear, but this is inside the ear.
    7:10 PM Wind E, 11 knots, 14.3 rpms, cloudy. Not too much noise due to wind in the trees. 11:10 PM Wind SE, 3 knots, cloudy, mist. dba 45.5, dbc 67.3. Jet sound. Much of today most turbines were not turning. Now the loud sound has returned.

September 22

– 5:15 AM Cloudy, foggy. Low hum. Afternoon-Working on the new porch was a tense afternoon. I could hear turbine 4 over the sound of a 4 row self propelled corn chopper and accompanying equipment. The chopper was between our house and the turbine.
   -7:30 PM Wind SE, 16.6 rpms. I can hear the turbines over the wind. There has been more sound the last few days or week and that has brought on more crackling in my left ear. While working on the porch 5  minutes after turbine 73 got louder my wife had a headache. 

September 23

– 6:45 AM Wind SE, light, 16.6 rpms. 8:10 AM My wife was trying to read at the dining room table and thought she heard a train, but it was the turbine sound instead. I woke up with the crackling in my ear. It has been pretty much constant the last 3 days. My wife also told me about a quivering she has in her chest, especially at night in bed. She had thought it  had something to do with her heitial hernia, but after reading some of Nina Pierponts writing I realized it is probably from the constant turbine sounds.
2:00 PM Wind S, 14 rpms. Turbine 4 has been shut down today. Maintenance trucks are at the base. Today I can hear turbine 3a because turbine 4 is not over powering it. I also hear turbines 73 and 74a.
10:55 PM Wind SSE 8 knots, 18 rpms, dba 48.0, dbc 61.4. Jet sound heard from turbines 4 and 73. Quite loud with
turbine 6 not quite as loud

September 24

– 5:15 AM Wind SW, 3 knots, 15 rpms, partly cloudy, dba 46.6, dbc 61.4. The sound is that of a jet flying over. 9:30 AM Wind SW, 3 knots, 11.6 rpms. There is the humming sound.
    10:25 PM Wind N, calm, 11 rpms with humming sound. I had crackling in my left ear much of  the day.

September 25 –

    5:20 AM Wind NE, calm, 11 rpms. Low Hum. 3:35 PM Calm. No turbines turning.
    1:20 AM Wind E calm, dba 45.3, dbc 60.3. Loud whoosh from turbine 4 & loud sound from 73.

September 26 – 7:05 AM Wind S, Calm, 14.3 rpms, dba 43.2, dbc 59.6. Humming sound. 1:50 PM Wind S, calm,  18 rpms, dba 46.2, dbc 59.1. Low jet flying over sound. I can hear turbines 4  and 6. Left ear crackle.

September 27

– Wind SW, calm, 11 rpms. Low hum. I woke up with left ear crackling.
8:55 AM Wind SW, light, turbine 4 14 rpms, turbine 3a 11 rpms. Turbine 4 is getting loud.
8:55 PM Wiind N 8 knots, 14 rpms. Turbine 4 and 6 are quite loud with #6 louder tonight. Turbine 6 is ¾ mi away

September 28

    S– 7:10 AM Wind NE, light breeze. Difference between dba and dbc is 20. That may Explain why my wife was awake for 2 hours over night.
    5:30 PM. 12.3 rpms. The turbines were off for a while. Ten rpms for a while. I was to our cabin today. It was so nice and peaceful☺ No annoying turbine sounds to pollute the air. I could hear birds and the rustling of the leaves. It
    was very peaceful and relaxing.

September 29

– 5:15 AM Wind calm. Turbines not turning. 9:00 PM Wind NW, 4 knots. Turbines not turning. Coudy.
    6:30 PM wind NW, calm, 11 rpms. Low hum but audible at the house.
    10:55 PM Wind W, calm. Turbines turning slow and fairly quiet. I can hear turbines 4 and 6.
    12:15AM Wind NW, 6 knots, 16 rpms, dba 45.6, dbc 60.8. I could hear turbine 4 while watching TV so I
    went outside to make sure it was the turbine. Turbine 4 and 6 are very loud whoosh. Turbine 6
    is ¾ of a mile away. We probably hear both tonight watching TV from our family room.

September 30

6;30 AM Wind NW, 7 knots, 13.6 rpms, cloudy, dba 43.9, dbc 59.3. I hear turbine 4
 loud and turbine 6 a little less.
5:10 PM. No facts other than wind from NW and it has been loud all day. I am tense and have crackling in my left ear. That is now every day even if I do not mention it.
10:05 PM Wind W, 17.3 rpms, dba 47.0, dbc 66.8. Turbines 4 and 6 loud, ripping the sky apart sound and jet flying over sound. Very bad. Our son saw the speed and said, “It will be a bad night”.  He was correct. He did not sleep at all this night.

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