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2/7/08 What Can You Do Right Now? Does Writing A Letter Really Help? We say YES! Do it Today!




Should residents and township government have a say over where 40 stories turbines are placed near our homes? Or should it be left up to what wind developers and lobbyists want?

 Write the members of the Committee on Energy and Utilities and urge them not to support any kind of of turbine siting reform that takes the power from our residents and local government.

Tell them we do not want the Public Service Commission to decide how close turbines can safely be placed near our homes, schools and churches.

Tell them creating a siting board would be a move to give wind developers more power than they already have and leave us tax-payers unprotected.

Copy and send your letter to the legislators who make up the committee. They are listed at the end of this posting. 

And if you feel like writing a longer letter, here are some other points to mention: 

Tell them about the work done by the study committee on wind turbines for Union Township.
Tell them what the committee found through extensive research and questions posed to the PSC: that the set back in the model state ordinance was created with no medical or scientific support. Ask your legislators how the PSC decided 1000 feet was a safe setback distance from our homes. Ask them to explain just how they came up with this number.

  Tell them how inappropriate it is to use no scientific or medical data to determine setbacks that may have an adverse impact on residents near a wind project. Tell them it is inappropriate to use the set back distance created by the wind industry without looking into it.

Tell them the Union Township study committee requested documents utilized by the PSC related to medical and scientific support of a 1000 foot setbacks and nothing was provided.

Tell them the PSC only answered 5 of the many written questions posed to them by the Union Township Study Committee and left the majority of the health and safety related questions unanswered.

Tell them when a study committee member followed up by calling the PSC , he was referred to an attorney who advised he was shocked that nothing existed pursuant to the request related to health & safety.

Ask if this is the same PSC that is suppose to protect us?
 Tell them to recognize the findings of the National Research Council and other documented medical and scientific professionals who have serious questions about the safety, environmental impact and efficiency of these huge machines.

Tell them that like anything else, there is another side to these wind projects, and we must recognize the adverse consequences before wind projects are allowed to proceed.
 Tell them research of the Union township wind turbine study committee finds numerous problems associated with improper wind turbine siting. These problems are being reported daily around the world. It is important we learn from the mistakes of others and recognize that improper siting has and will continue to cause problems.

Tell them to support Rep. Brett Davis in his effort to organize a Legislative Counsel Study Committee related to Wind Turbine siting so the whole issue can to be re-examined closely by those not associated with the Wind industry.
Tell them to read the Union Township Study Committee's final report.
Tell them we do have other renewable alternatives that we must explore and that limiting the production tax credit to fund wind and solar has given an unfair advantage to wind developers.

Tell them we need manure digesters for our farmers ASAP! Manure may not be the most beautiful of our renewable energy options but there is plenty of it in Wisconsin and it's a renewable energy option that doesn't tear up farmlands and tear apart communities.

 Write a letter, short or long, copy it and click on the names below to send it, and FEEL BETTER because you have made a difference in the future of our community.



Representative Phil Montgomery  Rep.montgomery@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Kevin Petersen  Rep.Petersen@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Eugene Hahn  Rep.hahn@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative John Steinbrink  Rep.steinbrink@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative James Soletski  Rep.Soletski@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Mark Honadel  Rep.honadel@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Brett Davis  Rep.davis@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Lee Nerison  Rep.nerison@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Josh Zepnick  Rep.zepnick@legis.wisconsin.gov

Representative Tony Staskunas  Rep.staskunas@legis.wisconsin.gov

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