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4/11/08 Magnolia Tables its Ordinance in Order to Strenghten it Against a Boy Named SUE!

tabletennisillustration.jpgLast night at the tense but civil meeting at the Magnolia township hall, the Plan and Zoning board decided to table the wind ordinance in order to strengthen it. There were concerns about being able to defend the ordinance in court if the township was sued for adopting it.

On the way out the door, someone asked the BPRC Research Nerd who on earth would sue Magnolia Township over an ordinance intended to protect the health and safety of its residents?

 A-hem. We'll table that question. Clues may be found in this article:

Catching a breeze by land

 April 10, 2008 by Paul Snyder in The Daily Reporter
  A combination of setback rules might blow EcoEnergy Engineering LLC's wind farm plan right out of Magnolia.


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