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4/25/08 It's a Noisy Day in the Neighborhood: Life with Industrial Wind Turbines:The Brownsville Diary Part Two


Today we feature the second chapter of a noise log kept by a Brownsville family who live 3/4 miles east of South Byron in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin. The new wind turbines have just gone on line there in March.

They aren't the only family we've heard are having turbine troubles. Since posting the first diary entry We've heard from several families. Children seem to be especially affected by the turbine noise and resulting headaches.

If you are having problems with turbines it's important you start a day-to-day diary right away so you will have a record of what is happening to you. And please let us know how you are doing! We will do all we can to get your story to our legislators and to others who may be able to help. CONTACT US!
Fond%20Du%20Lac%20County.pngThe Diary Continues: 

April 12, 2008–

7AM #4 jet sound with whoosh sound.

At breakfast asked (my son) if he could hear the  turbines in the house. “Yes, and I hear them in my room”, he said. “Some nights I can’t sleep”. His room is upstairs on the SW corner of the house. As I sit below his room (inside the house) I can hear the turbine at this moment.

9:30PM #4 not running, however I can hear the jet sound of #6.

I didn’t realize how feisty the wind people are.... Two farmers I have talked to are really angry about how they were treated. That is, once the contract was signed it meant the contractors could go where ever they wanted to on the farmer’s land.  One also had issues as to the placement of the tower road, he wanted it on the fence line or to take out the fence line to minimize land loss. He was told it would cost too much to re-survey the land. He told me that if they wind people came to his door now, he would tell them to leave.

The farmers said they were not told about the interduct or collection system that would be going through their land. Any complaints made to (the wind developer) was met with “it’s in your contract.”

April 13, 2008
6AM #4 jet sound. Light wind but can hear #6. 10PM
#4 turning but sound is quiet.

April 14, 2008

– 9AM No turbines going and all is quiet. Very nice. No sound, like that of the plane  grounding after 9-11. All 86 turbines were still. Thought there must be problem.

Late afternoon--
They began turning again. By 10PM the noise of the jet flyover was back.

April 15 2008 

Turbine #4 not turning. #73 is loud. I could hear it in the house. I felt something unusual at the base of the back of my neck. Too loud.

3PM #4 turning. My wife says the sound, “Is loud”.

It may have happened before, however today is the first day that I noticed that our dog stopped  while walking from the house about 20 feet down the sidewalk to look North at the turbine.

April 16 2008

During the day the wind is strong. The weather man says the wind will be 25-35 miles per  hour. So strong that I don’t hear the turbines very much.

From 6PM to 10PM the turbines were loud. I could hear #’s 4, 73, and 74a. Jet sound or like waiting for two trains to crash. We house a 360 (cubic inch) sprint car at our house. Tonight it was run for the first time this year. One of the guys mentioned he could hear the turbine (#4) over the sound of the race car engine while it idled. He was standing between the tire and the engine or right next to the engine. The car has no muffler.

Earlier my wife said she worked outside all afternoon in the wind and her ears were fine. When the wind died down and could hear the three of the turbines her ears hurt. She also mentioned the whooshes between turbines were out of sync.

It is 11:27 PM. I am at the computer and can hear #73 from inside my house with no windows open. When I went to bed my head felt “different”. I felt lightheaded or dizzy with my stomach not feeling quite right as well. We had spent much of the evening raking leaves and cleaning the yard.

April 17, 2008 - Jet sound some of the day.

April 18, 2008 – Fairly quiet.

April 19, 2008 – Wind from the North very slow so the sound is quiet.

April 20, 2008 – There is a little wind, sound fairly quiet jet sound at 6AM

April 21, 2008-
6AM. The sound had been quiet over the weekend. Now it is back to it’s irritating sound.    
10:30 PM can hear #73 like a train winding down the tracks. #4 sounds like a jet flying over.Only a slight wind on the ground.

April 22, 2008
6AM some sound.
3PM, sounds like a train. Could also hear # 73. 10PM like a train under a
load pulling a load of heavy cars up the Byron hill.

That hill is about 2 miles away.  

(Scroll down to the April 15th posting to read Part One of this diary. The BPRC sends our deepest thanks and concern to the family who shares this diary with us.)

A note from the BPRC Research Nerd: Want to see the very 40 story turbines that are causing this family and others trouble? You can see them being constructed if you go to the WE Energy website by clicking here.

Then scroll down to the entry below and read page 3 from the "instruction manual" which came with the turbines.  Then contact your legislators and ask them why the state of Wisconsin says it's OK to live 1000 feet from one of these 40 story machines when workers are advised by the manufacturer to always stay at least 1300 feet away unless necessary. And they have hard hats and safety gear! 

While you wonder about that, just for kicks, stroll down smoke-filled memory lane to watch another video from the days when another major industry promoted something they knew was harmful as something that caused no problem. Remember the Chesterfield Man? Click here to see him again!

pick%20up%20phone.jpgGOT TURBINE TROUBLES or CONCERNS? JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL 1-888-732-7234! The Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship (CWESt) is a grass roots organization of made up of people concerned about the responsible placement of wind turbines. CWESt's primary goal is to provide a central source for both  gathering and giving out reliable information about industrial wind plant siting, issues relating to the industrial wind turbines and the effects on residents.  CWESt will take your concerns and information to our legislators in Madison. The number is good 24/7! The BPRC applauds CWESt for providing us with this very helpful resource.

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