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7/7/08 Who Wrote The Fairy Tale of Wisconsin's 1000 Foot Set Back?

Fairy%20Tale%20Turbine.jpgWhen Wisconsin's town of Union made an open records request to find out what data was used to determine that 40 story moving machines with known noise issues could be built 1000 feet from our home as stated in the state's draft model ordinance (click here to download it) it was revealed that no scientific or medical data was used at all. So where did the 1000 foot setback come from? GO FISH! We can't answer that one either.

But we can tell you that the people who make wind turbines disagree. The  2007 manual of Safety Regulations for Operators and Technicians for Vesta's Industrial Wind Turbines-- which are virtually virtually identical to the ones proposed for Magnolia and Union townships--  says that workers and operators should never go closer than 1300 feet from the turbine unless it is necessary. It says if you have to inspect a moving turbine, you should be in front of it, not under the blades:Vestas%20Page%208%20WEB.jpg

It also says children must not be allowed to stay or play by the turbines. Why would they say this for any other reason than it's unsafe? So why does the state of Wisconsin say putting these turbines 1000 feet from our homes will not endanger our health and safety? 

Why not contact the Public Service Commission and ask? (click here to visit their website)

ICE THROW: Read page 11 of 32 which of the manual reads "If the blades are iced up, it is highly dangerous to stay below or close to the rotor. If the turbine is to be restarted with iced- up blades, the operator must be very careful and make sure no persons are nearby because of the risk of falling ice"

 We've been told by the wind developer who has targeted our area that 1000 feet is safe and there is no danger from ice throw. So where is he getting his information? Apparently it's not from the people who make the machines. Why are the people of Wisconsin asked to live a distance from wind turbines that even the a manufacturer says is unsafe?

(click here to download a PDF of the Vesta's Manual

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