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1/21/08 N is for NOISE: What's it like to live inside of a wind farm?

N is for NOISE: What it's like to live inside of an industrial wind farm:

Part three of three

Here is part three of the most recent update from the Myer Family of Brownsville in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin where the wind turbines which surround their home have been on line since March of 2008. (Scroll down for parts one and two)

(Download the entire diary by clicking here)

Click on the image below to watch video shot by the Meyer family to get an idea of the kind of noise they live with.


December 1 –

6:30 AM Wind W Easy to hear the jet sound over the county snow plow going by and our son plowing snow with his 4-wheeler. This is the sound until 9:45 AM when I went in the house.

4:30 PM Wind W, 14.6 rpms. Loud jet sound.

9:30 PM Wind W Loud jet sound. I hear turbines 6, 4 and 3a with #6 the loudest. Turbine 6 is ¾ mile away from the house.

December 2 –

7:10 AM Wind SW, 6 knots, 18.3 rpms. I have not been outside yet, however I can hear turbine 73 from inside the house thumping away loudly.

8:25 AM Wind SW, 7 knots, 18.3 rpms, dba 51.6, dbc 73.9. I have not been adding very much information recently. The last month I was gone a lot and I am just tired of all the noise from the turbines, am down about it and just don’t feel like writing. It is not that the constant annoying sound is gone. It is ever present.

December 3 –

7:10 AM Wind W. I can hear turbine 4 & 6. 18.3 rpms. 9:50 PM Wind W, 18.3 rpms. Loud jet sound. I also hear turbine 6.

December 4 –

7:10 AM Wind NW. Turbine 4 stopped, but I hear 3a & 6. Turbine 6 is louder, but further away. Very, very audible at ¾ mile away.

10:45 AM Wind NW 10 knots, 13 rpms, Fairly quiet at this time, yet very audible at 1560’ away.

11:00 PM Wind W, 9 knots, fairly loud jet sound from turbines 4 & 6

December 5 –

7:15 AM Wind NW Turbines 4 & 6 loud. 5:15 PM Wind SW. I can hear turbines 73 & 4 fighting to see who can be loudest. This is over the sound of the wind. Also I hear &6.

8:20PM Wind SW, 15 knots, gusts to 20 knots. I can hear &73 in the computer room

9:50 Wind SW. Wind strong and I can hear turbines 4 & 73 over the sound of the wind. Very loud.

12:00 AM I hear turbines from our bedroom.

December 6 –

6:10 AM Wind direction? Too much snow to tell. Very loud even with the wind being strong and snow falling. I can hear turbines 4 & 6. I was at our cabin all day cutting firewood. Even running the chain saw it was much more peaceful than living at home.

9:30 PM Wind NW 18 rpms. Turbine 4 loud jet sound. Turbine 6 is loud as well. I can hear 3a, 75a which is 1 mile.

December 7 –

Wind NNW, 5 knots, 11 rpms but not 11.25 rpms which is needed to generate electricity with the GE 1.5 MW turbine. It is quiet this morning.

12:00 PM Turbines are stopped

3:55 PM Wind S 11 rpms. Like this AM not 11:25. slow turning with hum.

9:25 PM Wind SE, 14.3 rpms. Very audible hum from our sidewalk or 1560’ from the industrial turbine # 4

December 8 –

5:45 AM Wind SE 10.3 rpms. Turning slow with low hum. Some turbines are stopped.

9:45AM Wind NE, 7 knots, Snow. Turning slow and quiet. Sound masked by heavy snow.

I talked with a neighbor today, Ron B, who is very angry at the terrible sound made by the industrial wind turbines one which is 1000’ from his house. He did not have headaches before, but now does. Often he is woke up at night by the turbines and can not get back to sleep.

December 9 –

5:20 AM I hear the turbine sounds inside the house in the back room and the front room and the dining room. I have not been outside yet.

6:50 AM Wind NE, 15 knots, gust to 20 knots, 18 rpms. The air is filled with horrible turbine sounds. The offenders are turbines 4, 3a & 6, earlier #73.

It is so sad that so many people suffer from this wind energy hoax that produces a thimble partially filled with electricity. The 3rd quarter of 2008, this Forward project by Invenergy at 17.5% of its capacity. Yes there is a period between the 7 & 5.

11:05 AM Wind N13 knots, 18.6 rpms, snow, dba 50.3, dbc 79.9. I just got home and turbine sounds are ripping the sky apart especially #’s 4 & 6.

11:30 PM Wind NNW. I can hear turbines in out back room

December 10 –

5 AM I was awakened every few hours last night by the turbine noise.

7:00AM Wind NNW 11 rpms Audible hum.

8:15 AM Wind NE 12 rpms, low hum.

12:45 PM Turbines are still.

9:20 PM wind SW, 13 knots, 18.3 rpms, dba 48.3, dbc 74.1. The sound is that of a low flying commercial jet. In the house there is deep thumping sounds everywhere. Upstairs and down-stairs. In the front room and the back room and bedroom.

Turbine 4 is 1560’ away and turbine73 is 2480’ away. Very sickening, literally.

12:00 AM We hear the turbine sound everywhere in the house. As we went to bed my wife commented on having a headache. She has been hearing the turbine sound all night as she quilted upstairs in the sewing room.

December 11 –

6:05 AM Wind SW, 18.3 rpms dba 48.3, dbc 68.4. Loud jet sound from turbine 4 & 73

8:20 AM Wind SW, 7 knots, 18.3 rpms. I can hear turbines at the dinning room table. Yes, the windows are closed.

9:45 AM Wind NW Walking from my shop to the house I can hear the turbine noise all over to the north. I can hear turbines 6, 4, 3a, 75b and 1. Turbine 1 and 75b are about 1 mile away.

10:55 PM I can hear the turbines in the house especially upstairs even over the sound of the sewing machine.

12:05 AM dba 48.3, dbc 64.9 from just outside our patio door of the dining room. Sound is loud in sewing room upstairs. Also hear in back room.

December 12 –

7:00 AM Wind NW, 14 rpms. Not jet sound, but loud whoosh sound.

1:00 PM Wind SW, 8 rpms. Many turbines stopped.

8:15 PM Wind SW, 7 knots, 18 rpms. Turbines 4, 73 & 6 very loud jet flying over sound. I can hear turbine sounds in the house.

1:15 AM Wind SW, 17 knots, gust to 31, dba 45.5, dbc 75.3. Very loud thumping in the house. I can hear the turbine sound over the TV and in all rooms

December 13 –

6:25 AM Wind SW, 18.3 rpms. The sound is like that of last night. LOUD.

10:10 AM Wind S, 18.3 rpms. Wind gusts are covering most of the turbines sounds.

2:20 PM Wind SSW Fairly loud thump from turbines 4 & 6. 10:15 PM Wind S, 18.3 rpms. Turbines 4 & 73 loud and annoying12:20 AM We can hear turbines in the family room.

December 14 –

3:00 AM the last 2 nights I have been woke up by turbine sounds. Yes, I sleep in the house. It is a thumping sound. In the past I would say my sleep was not affected by the large industrial wind turbines like my wife and son who can’t get to sleep or are awakened by the sounds. Now I realize I am sleeping, however not deep sleep. That is why I am tired and not motivated during the day. It is like a down or depressed feeling.

6:00 AM I’m awake again hearing the turbines in the bed room and other rooms in the house.

9:55 PM Wind SW, 18 knots, gusts 26. Turbine 4 not turning but 73 is and making jet sound. 73 is 2480’ away.

December 15 –

7:00 AM Wind SW Turbine 4 not turning. I can hear # 73.

10:55 PM Wind W Turbine 4 not turning, however turbine 3a can easily be heard from outside the house. 3a - 5/8 mi away

December 16 –

7:15 AM It is very peaceful. All the turbines are stopped.

12:30 PM Turbines still stopped.

3:00 PM Some turbines are now turning. Turbine 4 turning 11 rpms.

10:10 PM Turbines turning slow yet audible in the falling snow.

December 17 –

5:45 AM Turbine 4 turning slow and quiet.

12:20 PM, 14 rpms, loud whooshing.

10:05 PM Wind W, 11 rpms, fairly quiet.

December 18 –

5:40 AM Wind W, No wind = no turbine movement☺ Peace for the moment.

8:15 AM Wind? No wind. All the industrial wind turbines are stopped. It is so peaceful and quiet. For those who are not surrounded by industrial wind turbines (living in a wind farm) please take the time to enjoy the sounds of small birds especially, and other animals.

After the wind turbines invade the area those sounds we take for granted will be gone except for rare instances. We used to see 16 to 20 wild turkeys down the lane behind our house. We have not seen them since construction began except for 1 turkey two months ago.

A friend who lives near turbine 6 who had deer come near his back porch no longer sees them.

1 to 5 PM No turbines turning. It is a peaceful day. I give thanks Oh Lord☺

6:00 PM We left for Lake Mills WI.

December 19 –

Very peaceful. No industrial wind turbines here. We all slept all night. We were helping at a heavy equipment auction. Even with all the track hoes, large dump trucks, large dozers and all the other heavy equipment running it had no health effects like the wind turbines do.

9:15 PM Wind NW. Just got home from Lake Mills and what is the first sound we hear? Of course turbine 4 like a jet flying overhead.

December 20 –

7;00 AM Wind SE Loud jet sound.

10:15 AM Wind E, 13.3 rpms, very audible sound.

9:40 PM Very audible sound while outside 1560’+ from turbine 4

December 21 –

6:20 AM Wind SW New sound, very loud. Sound of very, very loud wind but it is the turbine.

10:50 AM Wind W, 21 knots, gusts 29, I can hear turbine 4 over the strong wind.

9:10 PM Wind W Loud jet sound.

12:00 AM Wind W. I can hear turbine 4 in family room.

I met a family tonight that lives near the 1st turbine erected (#66) and told me about not being able to sleep or of waking up from sleep and of having headaches.

December 22 –

9:30 AM Wind SE 13.3 rpms. Turbine 4 fairly loud.

9:50 PM I can hear turbine 4 between words of the Packer/Bear football game.

December 23 –

7:00 AM Wind SW Turbine 4 & 73 loud jet sound.

8:30 AM Turbines 4 & 73 competing to see which is the loudest. If you don’t remember # 73 is 2480’ (almost ½ mi) from the house.

1:30 PM Wind SW Turbines 4 & 73 ripping the sky apart with their loud sounds.

10:15 PM Wind SSW, 4 knots, 11+ rpms but not 11.25. Calm and fairly quiet but audible.

December 24 –

5:40 AM Calm, too snowy or hazy to see turbines, but no sound. I heard an owl this morning which is the first time in a long time. Before turbine construction we regularly heard anowl in the woods next to our house.

8:45 AM Calm, can’t see any turbine turning.

4:30 PM wind W, 17 knots Loud sound now ☹

9:10 PM Wind W We just got home from Church. This is Christmas Eve and turbine 4 sounds like a jet flying over.

9:55 PM I can hear turbine 4 at the computer.

December 25 –

7:20 AM Wind SE. I can hear turbines 4 & 73 with 73 loudest.

11:45 AM Our daughter and son-in-law discussed turbine sound with # 4 very audible from 1560’.

10:45 PM Wind SW strong. I can hear turbine 4 over the sound of the strong wind.

December 26 –

7:30 AM Wind S. I can hear turbine 4 easily.

9:10 AM Wind S turbine 4 & 73 loud with 73 louder.

1:10 PM same as 9:10 entry.

3:40 PM Wind S Foggy, Turbine 73 louder than 4. Very annoying.

9:30 PM Wind? Foggy, Turbine 4 & 73 LOUD, LOUD LOUD.

11:40 PM I hear turbines thumping from in the house

December 27 –

7:10 AM Wind SSW, 5 knots, very foggy, dba 47.8, dbc 74.4. Very loud. Keep in mind the sound readings are from turbines 1560 & 2480’ away. Turbine 4 &73 are competing as to which can be loudest with ripping the sky apart sound.

12:30 AM Wind W, 14 knots, dba 47.9,dbc 64.9. I have never heard this loud horrible sound before. It is difficult to explain. It is like the Indians would say, “The sounds of thunder of 1000’s of horses rumbling across the prairie”. Like the sky full of the rumble of thunder long before a big storm arrives. There is this sound everywhere. N, S and W. I can hear this sound as I write this at the computer as well as the rest of the house. Horrible, stress causing sound.

December 28 –

7:40 AM Wind W, 22 knots, gusts 28, 18.3 rpms, dba 52.8, dbc 68.9. Like last night the air is full of turbine sounds. Like that of a loud jet flying over or stronger than a whooshing sound. It is easy to hear turbines 4, 6, 3a, 73 & 74a in that order.

2:00 PM We are in Menomonie, MI. We saw no industrial wind turbines on the way here once we got out of Fond du Lac County. We got out of the car and heard no aggravating turbine sounds.

10:30 PM Outside it is peaceful with only the road traffic, no jet flying over wind turbine sounds.

December 29 –

6:00 AM I did not wake up over night due to turbine sounds. Of course the hotel is next to the road (hwy 41). I felt well rested vs. not well rested at home due to no low frequency noise. I did not need a nap or two later to combat being tired like I do at home.

10:30 AM We just returned home. Of course as soon as we stepped out of the garage we heard the %@^&* wind turbines.

5:45 PM Friends from Las Vegas came to dinner. They were surprised and amazed at how loud the industrial wind turbines were and how close it looked (1560’)

11:30PM Very loud jet sound from turbine 4

December 30 –

6:45 AM Wind NW, 7 knots, 11+ rpms, but not 11.25, fairly quiet this morning yet quite audible at 1560’.

4:10 PM Wind N. The turbines are screaming loud, jet sound.

4:35 PM I can hear turbines from inside our house. This is literally nauseating.

8:45 PM Wind N Windy and screaming turbines. Horribly loud.

11:55 PM I can hear turbines in all rooms of the house. How can the PSC endorse and allow this horrible hoax of electricity generation? Many people from other parts of the state and country said to me when the turbine construction began, “Just wait until winter. The sounds will be much worse”.

They were absolutely correct.

Only one person disagreed with that telling me that snow is an insulator and will absorb the sound. That is a pro wind person and lobbyist for wind companies.

December 31 –

5:45 AM Wind NW. Turbines 4 & 6 are very loud. 6 is ¾ mile away. When we went to bed last night my wife commented on her ears buzzing all evening. I talked to a family last night (LB) who is very angry at the sound. They live one mile NW of me and hear multiple turbines in and out of their house and have major shadow flicker problems even though energy companies say flicker is minimal. Not to those that experience it. More lies



November 1-

Wind NE – I was gone all day so I only heard the turbines now when I got home. It is sad the first sound I hear when I get out of the car is the loud jet sound of the turbines.

November 2

5:15 PM Wind SE, Very audible at 1560’. I was to my cabin in the woods today. It was so peaceful. When we got home at 6:30 turbines 4 and 73 were filling the air with loud pulsations.

10:10 PM Wind SW 6 knots, 18 rpms, dba 44.6, dbc 61.5. Turbine 4 loud hum, turbine 73 jet sound. We can hear the turbines in our family room.

November 3 –

6:45 AM Wind SW, calm. Jet flying over sound from turbine 4, however loudest sounds are from the South or #73, 74a and more. Turbine 73 is 2480’ away and 74a 5/8 mile, other are further. It looks like the beginning of a bad day.

9:45 PM I can hear the turbines at the computer. Now I will go outside for more.

10:50 PM Wind S, 9 knots, dba 52.8, dbc 75.9. The sound is loud and terrible. I can hear turbines 4, 73, 74a, and 3a in order of loudest first. Turbines 4, 73, and 74a are like a working Chinook helicopter. The sky is thumping with sound.

How ridiculous this is allowed. For those that promote wind energy, but do not live in a wind farm, there are a variety of homes for sale in the project from $399,900 to $125,000 so thereshould be a home for your taste and price range. Oh, I can hear turbine sounds at the computer and in the family room which is at opposite ends of the house. Turbine 73 is 2480’and turbine 4 is 1560’ away.

November 4 –

5:30 AM Wind SW. Loud jet sound from turbines 4 and 73. 11:30 PM Turbine 4 and 73 ripping the sky apart. Very loud. I can hear at the computer.

November 5 –

7:10 AM Wind S. It just continues. That is turbine 4 & 73 pounding away at the sky.

10:20 PM Wind S, 9 knots, I can hear turbines from inside the family room. To me that sound is too loud to be permissible.

November 6 –

5:10 AM Wind S, Turbines 4 & 73 very audible 1560’ and 2480’ respectively.

10:35PM Turbines 4 &73 continue with loud thumping sound.

November 7 –

6:25 AM Wind SE, 16.3 rpms. Turbine 73 is louder than turbine 4. Turbine 73 is 2480’

7:00 PM Wind SW, 16 rpms. Turbine 73 is louder than turbine 4. Very audible @ 2480’.

November 8 –

1:40 AM I am leaving for a flight to Florida to family members to New York. In FL no wind turbines in sight☺

November 9 –

Driving to NY there are no turbines and no crackling in my ear. Stayed in a motel. I slept wonderfully even with road noise. There was no low frequency noise to take away my deep sleep. No turbines.

November 10 –

I:00 AM. I just arrived at another family member in NY City. No turbine noise. Her apartment is in downtown Manhattan. Street noise, garbage truck backup beep, but no loss of sleep. No turbines noise or vibration.

November 11 –

Off to LaGuardia airport to fly home.

3:20 PM home. The first noise in getting out of the car….jet sound of large industrial wind turbine #4☹ It was a nice few days away from the horrible intrusion in to our lives. (wind turbines)

November 12 –

6:35 AM The turbine sound is not so bad this morning.

3:30 PM Wind SW Turbine 4 and 73 are loud. We are busy preparing for our Kansas music trip.

9:30 PM Turbine 4 still very audible at 1560’

November 13, 14, 15

We are off to Kansas, but first we must hear turbine 4 grinding away.

7:10 PM We drove all day and did not see an industrial wind turbine☺ We stayed in a downtown hotel in Chanute, KS. The street sound did not affect sleep at all so it was a great relief from the loud sound and vibration of the industrial wind turbines we experience at home.

November 16 –

1:10 PM We drove 3 hours to Manhattan, KS where we will play this evening. Again no large turbines in sight, just beautiful oil wells pumping.

November 17 –

7:10 AM We stayed in the old fashioned strip type motel so there must have been road noise. No effect on my getting good sleep yet the state PSC allowed large industrial wind back home which sure do have an effect on sleep. We played in Wamego High School and headed home seeing no industrial wind turbines on the way.

November 18

1:15 AM We arrived home to the sounds, jet sounds of turbines 4 & 6. I spent the day in and out of the house getting ready for deer hunting with the turbines loud, and not so loud and stopped at times.

November 19 –

I have been busy catching up around the house after being gone preparing for winter and hunting, therefore very little information for this noise diary. The sounds are like yesterday most of the time very audible and annoying sounds from 1560’, 2480’ and ¾ mile away.

November 20 –

Again sounds are like the last 2 days and I very busy. 5:00 PM left for hunting. My wife called me at night to tell me the turbines are really loud, especially #6 which is ¾ mile away.

November 21

6:30 AM We are at the cabin in the woods. It is so peaceful. I can hear the crows, nuthatches and turkeys. These sounds are not masked by industrial wind turbines here like they are at home.

3:50 PM. My wife called to tell me we had shadow flicker from turbine 74a which is 5/8 mi away.

4:10 PM. It is so quiet and peaceful I can hear from my hunting stand, deer rustling the leaves from over 100 yards away. That would never happen at home with the large wind turbines drowning out these beautiful kinds of sounds of nature. Several neighbors back home with woods from 8 to 20 acres have told me they no longer see deer in their woods where they had before the turbine construction began☹

November 22 – 23

The hunt is on. Again, it is so peaceful and quiet other than times of gun shots. As I have mentioned before at home pretty much the only time we hear song birds is when the industrial wind turbines are not turning or are very quiet.

November 24 –

11:05 AM Wind NW. We just returned home from hunting. Of course we were immediately greeted with the jet sound of turbines 4 & 6. How depressing to experience this constantly when we are at home.

10:20 PM Fairly quiet.

November 25 –

7:10 AM Wind NW, seems calm, 13.3 rpms. Very audible. At times noisy during the day, at time stopped.

November 26 –

7:10 AM Wind NW, calm, 11 rpms. Not 11.25 rpms or below generation speed. Just a hum for sound.

2:22 PM All turbines are not turning. How peaceful.

November 27 –

Wind SW fairly loud sound for this special day.

11:50 AM Wind SW Sound louder than earlier.

2:00 PM Left for hunting.

3:35 PM Arrived at cabin. No turbine, no jet sound or all the side effects of the large industrial wind turbines.

November 28

5:00 AM Wind W. It doesn’t matter how strong the wind is here in the woods because there are not industrial wind turbines here.

3:00 PM Wind W It is so peaceful here. ALL I hear are squirrels rustling in the dry leaves and song birds such as nut hatches and chickadees. I even hear their tiny feet going up and down the trees. Those fine sounds are no longer heard at home.

November 29 –

Wind SW. Sound is low hum. 11.3 rpms. 6:10 PM Wind SW, 11 rpms, It has been a fairly quiet day with turbines stopped at times.

9:10 PM Wind S, 10 rpms, I doubt much electricity was produced today with the turbines turning at less than 11.25 rpms much of day.

November 30 –

7:25 AM Wind NE, 14.6 rpms. Much of the day the turbine sounds were covered by the wind and snow storm.



He says: "I live in the Forward wind farm erected by the Invenergy Company of Chicago, IL.

I have been a rural mail carrier in this area for 30 years, therefore I know on a personal level most of the residents in this wind farm which is located near Brownsville, Wisconsin.

There are 86 industrial wind turbines here and I delivered mail where 64 of them are located.

I, like most members of our community didn’t pay much attention to the news that the turbines were coming in because we trusted our local town government and the state government to site them responsibly and safely.

We were very naïve.

The set backs are 1000 feet from a residence of a non-hosting landowner, 440 feet the residence from a hosting neighbor and roads. The sound limit is 50 decibels.

These set backs were pretty much written by the energy company, who led us to believe that these set backs were safe. We were told the turbines make about as much noise as your refrigerator or sound like the trees blowing in the wind.

We can hear 5 turbines on a regular basis. They range in distance from 1560’ to ¾ of a mile. At times we hear all five of them inside our well constructed and insulated home. We have lost a lot of sleep because of this noise."

(below is turbine #4 as seen from the Meyer's driveway)

October 21, 2008

7:10 AM Wind NE, 14.6 rpms, quiet.

12:05 PM, Wind NNE, 12.3 rpms. Quiet.

1:20 PM, wind NE, Quiet or at a low hum.

10:20 PM Wind NE, Audible whooshing sound

October 22

Wind NE,11.6 rpms, Not much sound today.

1:20 PM Wind E, wind quite strong today which covers much of the turbine sound. I can hear turbines 4 and 73 as I work outside.

10:35 PM Wind SE fairly brisk but can hear the jet sound of turbine 4.

October 23

5:50 AM Wind SE, I hear low volume jet sound.

All day the wind was SE. I can hear turbine 4 over the sound of the wind.

10:25 PM Wind SE, 4 knots, 17.3 rpms. Can hear whooshing or thumping over the sound of the wind. Can hear thumping at the computer. Ears are buzzing. This is new or 1st time.

October 24 –

6:45 Wind SE, 3 knots, Low whoosh but definitely audible at 1560’. Much louder than my refrigerator.

During the day working outside I can hear turbine 4 and 73.

9:45 Wind SW, 7knots, Loud jet sound with thumping sound. Dba 46.5, dbc 68.7.

October 25 –

5:35 AM Wind SW. Jet sound from turbine 4 and can also hear # 73.

11:10 AM Wind SW 17.6 rpms, 11 knots, gusts to 20 knots, dba 45.9, dbc 64.7. Up and down loud jet sound.

ALL day loud, loud, loud. Even over the wind and radio as I worked on the porch.

9:30 PM Wind SW. I can hear turbine sounds between words while watching the World Series. Loud jet sound with bursts of thumping. Ridiculously loud.

October 26 –

6:55 AM Wind SW 12 knots, gusts to 18 knots, 18.3 rpms, dba 47.9, dbc 69.7. Loud
Whooshing sound from turbine 4. Can also easily hear turbine 6 and 73.

10:30 PM Wind NW loud hum.

October 27 –

7:55 AM WindW, Jet sound. All day very audible from 1560’ away from industrial turbine 4.

9:40 PM Wind NW, 6 knots dba 48.9, dbc 64.7. Jet sound with a loud ripping sound.Very audible.

October 28 –

6:30 AM Wind NW. Low jet sound but much louder than my refrigerator.

11:05 AM Wind NW. Continuing being very audible from our sidewalk and kitchen porch.

October 29 –

Wind NW 3 knots, 11 rpms. Low hum, but definitely louder than my refrigerator and this is 1560’ from the turbine.

5:30 PM – 9:30 PM Wind NW calm. It is so blessedly peaceful as no turbines are turning. It’s amazing what sounds are missed while the turbines are spinning☹

October 30

Wind SSE, 3 knots, dba 49.4, dbc 69.7. Loud jet sound from #4 & 73. To the South the air is saturated turbine noise.

12:45 PM Wind SSW, 11 knots, gusts to 24 knots. There are jet sounds thumping and pulsating from everywhere. Very nauseating.

I just do not understand how one culture of people (energy companies, PSC, legislature) can do this to another culture of people (average person who bought their property never expecting this would be forced on them)

9:35 PM Wind SSW 8 Knots, The air is again full of turbine sounds. Turbine 4 & 73 are loudest.

If this sound is to be compared to a refrigerator it would be like all the refrigeration units put together from a large ice cream factory. I was gone much of the later part of the day so it was depressing to come home hearing the loud sounds. Yesterday we had a few hours of peace, the first in a few months.

9:50 PM. I can hear a thumping or ripping of the sky from where I sit at the computer. Yes, turbine sounds ☹

October 31 –

Wind SW, 10 knots, 18.3 rpms, dba 49.1, dbc 64.3. The sound is loud and is everywhere. Very annoying. I also can hear the sound at the computer. (South end of house) and family room louder (North end of house).

(below, a picture from inside the same wind farm, Fond du Lac County Dec 2008)

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