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1/30/2009 Q is for Question: What happened to my TV reception after the wind turbines started turning?

Q is for Question:

What do I have to do to get

my TV reception back?

Since the turbines went on line in Fond du Lac county, along with complaints about noise and shadow flicker, there have also been complaints about disrupted TV reception.

According to a contract offered to residents who live inside of the 86 turbine wind farm, the wind developer will work to restore your TV reception if you will sign this agreement to these terms: (and these are not all the terms of the contract.)

You will allow the wind developer to send someone to your house and see if he can fix the problem.

-If he can't fix it, the developer will pay you for basic cable or satellite TV as long as you agree to these conditions:

You will not claim the right to payment from the developer for your TV reception problems.

You will not say bad things about the developer or the wind farm to any third party.

You will let a representative of the developer into your home at any time to monitor your television reception  as long as they give you 24 hour notice. You will not unreasonably withhold or delay your consent for them to enter.

You agree to give the developer your social security number so they can file a W-9 form with the IRS which obligates you to pay taxes on the money the developer has paid toward your cable or satellite bill.

You agree that the developer and the wind farm are not the cause of your reception problem.

You agree to never tell anyone about what is in this contract.

 Read the entire contract by clicking here

NOTE FROM THE BPRC RESEARCH NERD: Unless your township has a wind ordinance which addresses such issues, residents in your community will face having to sign contracts like this one just to get their TV reception back.

Read a step by step guide to creating a large wind ordinances by clicking here.

Got a wind developer contract you'd like us to take a look at? Click here to contact us!


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