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11/14/09 Raising concerns about wind turbines in Ohio: The rural community speaks up.

Protesters speak out against turbines

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MECHNICSBURG, Ohio (WDTN) - A court battle was underway to decide the future of Miami Valley wind turbines. As the debate went on indoors, protestors lined up outside the Governors office in Columbus.

They were handing out flyers, letting people know that these wind turbines would be taller than the Statue of Liberty, and ruin the landscape.

Ohio lawmakers were considering a proposal that would put 70 wind turbines on land in Champaign county.

"To give you some grasp of that, there are only 11 buildings in the whole state of Ohio that tall, and we'll have 70 now that tall, in area of 9000 square acres," said concerned citizen Daniel Dye.

All the turbines would be planted on land between Urbana and Mechanicsburg. Landowners who have signed on to agree stood to gain about $15,000 in return. They would also provide enough power to run 600 homes, and create jobs.

Protesters worried about what that would cost in terms of quality of life, property values, and the environment, in what they called their small bedroom community..

"When you're living among 500-foot spinning monstrous, noisy towers, it's definitely going to affect the quality of life," said Dye.

The push for green jobs and finding alternative energy sources was Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's new mission. Now with time running out, protesters hoped their voices carried through this wind of change.

"We didnt have a voice in the matter. I'm very concerned for my friends and neighbors who will have them in their backyards," said protester Lori Forrest.

The Ohio Power Sitting Board is now deciding whether to issue site permits for this project. Whether you're for it or against, if you'd like your voice to be heard you can contact your township trustees, zoning board, or local state representative.

You can also mail your opinions to the Ohio Power Sitting Board, 180 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

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