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2/11/09 S is also for Safety: What doctors are saying about industrial wind turbines:

S is also for Safety:

Doctors speak out about industrial wind turbines and health concerns.

This is a statement issued by the staff of the Rumford Community Hospital, and sent to Gov. Baldacci, Dr. Mills of Maine Center for Disease Control, as well as the Rumford Falls Times and the Lewiston Sun Journal.


As members of the Rumford Community Hospital medical staff we endorse the concept of alternative energy including, but not limited to wind turbines. As wind turbine generated power has been introduced on an industrial level in more and more areas of the country, as in the world, there is a literature emerging world wide expressing a multitude of side effects affecting those who live, work, or attend school in the vicinity of wind farms.

The health hazards include problems arising not only from audible noise frequencies but also from inaudible low frequency noise waves. There are growing scientific observations and studies suggesting that some people living with 2-6 miles of these industrial wind farms are effected at a variety of levels from a variety of symptoms.

In light of those growing, serious medical concerns we propose a moratorium of at least one year and possibly more on the building of any such "wind farms" until more research is being done on the public health impact that such facilities can and will have on a segment of the communities surrounding such technology.

Medical Staff, Rumford Community Hospital
Dr. John Kroger, Chief of Staff

Click here to read the peer reviews of a medical study conducted by pediatritian Dr. Nina Pierpont on the adverse health effects on families living too close to turbines.

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