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4/17/09 Video: More Turbine Trouble in Fond du Lac County


Though WE Energies spokes person in a recent video says he believes only a small number of residents are having trouble, however more and more people in this wind farm are speaking out. The biggest complaint has been the lack of response on the part of WE Energies  to problems with noise, shadow flicker and disruption of radio and television signals.

At a recent listening session held in town of Marshfield, newly elected Senator Hopper was so uninformed about the history and scope of the problems people in his district have been experiencing since the turbines went on line, that his suggestion to them of calling the wind developer or utilities for help was met with laughter.

People told him they have complained and have been given the run-around, are brushed off or ignored. They make complaints, but no one is doing anything about it, including Senator Hopper who stunned residents in his district by agreeing to sponsor a bill which would make the entire state of Wisconsin subject to the the same siting guidelines which are causing such trouble for his constituents right now.

After the meeting several people said they were sorry to have voted for Senator Hopper. They had hoped he would listen to their problems and work get them some help. By sponsoring this bill he has made it clear he is not only turning his back on them, he's sponsorship will help create the same problems for more people in his district and the entire state.

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