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5/10/09 Images from Wisconsin's newest wind farm. AND Hearings on Turbine Siting Reform TUESDAY 11:00 AM at the capitol.



11:00 AM

At the Capitol

Room 411 South

Joint hearing of Assembly and Senate Energy Committee on SB 185: regarding Turbine Siting Reform

What do PSC-approved setbacks look like?

Click on the image below for a look inside Wisconsin's newest wind farm, the Butler ridge project, near Iron Ridge, Wisconsin. Spring of 2009.

Please come to the Capitol on Tuesday May 12 at 11:00 am to take part in a hearing for a bill that would strip local government of its power to write protective local wind ordinances and allow the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to decide where 400 foot tall wind turbines can be sited in your community.

Please come to speak at the hearing and let our legislators know how you feel about this bill.

CLICK HERE to download the bill


Though the turbine siting reform bill mentions no specifics about setbacks, noise limits, and other siting concerns, it is very clear about stripping local government of its power and giving turbine siting approval to the PSC.

The PSC approved the siting of turbines 1000 feet from non-participating residents homes, and a noise limit of 50 decibels. Families in the PSC approved wind farms of Fond du Lac and Dodge Counties are now having a hard time living with the disastrous results.

Please contact your legislators (click here to find out who they are and how to contact them) and let them know if they want wind turbine siting reform, it should be based it on the Town of Union's Large Wind Ordinance. The guidelines used by the PSC were provided by an out-of-state utility with a keen interest in siting as many turbines as possible in any given area, and no interest in protecting public health, safety, welfare, property values or wildlife.

(Click here to download the Union Ordinance)

(Click here to download the Wisconsin draft Model ordinance, which has since been pulled from the PSC website.)


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