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1/13/10 Feeling lucky that you don't live in a wind farm? If you live in rural Wisconsin, hang onto that feeling for as long as you can. 

  Fond du Lac Reporter

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January 13 2010


My daughter recently had a basketball tournament in Lomira.

On our way home from the tournament, we drove through Brownsville and observed the wind turbines located there. My daughter, her teammate and I all had the same reaction — thank goodness we didn’t have those wind turbines in our backyard.

Simply stated, they are very ugly. What an eyesore! I wondered why anyone would agree to have those monstrosities erected on their property. So I did a little research about wind turbines and their impact on the residents and communities where they were built.

I found that many of the residents who lived near the turbines complained about the noise, comparing it to living next to a major airport. They also complained about fatigue, headaches, ringing in their ears, loss of balance and nausea.

I also discovered that residents who had tried to sell their property to get away from the turbines were either unable to do so because prospective buyers immediately became disinterested upon finding out about the turbines, or residents had to sell their homes well below fair market value.

I wondered what types of high-pressure “tactics” the wind turbine company had to use in order to convince residents that the wind turbines were a good idea without informing residents about the negative effects of the turbines.

I wondered if the company’s executives promoting wind turbine construction would agree to having one constructed on their own property. I doubt it.

I know that after researching this issue, I would absolutely oppose construction of any wind turbines in my community. My heart goes out to the innocent victims who have had their lives so negatively impacted by their greedy and selfish neighbors.

Tammy L. Kroetz

NOTE FROM THE BPWI RESEARCH NERD: The only thing we don’t agree with in this letter is the idea that hosting landowners are driven only by greed and selfishness. There are a many reasons why a family might sign on with a developer. And developers talk a good game. Like any other salesman, their only objective is to make the sale.

CLICK HERE to read why a Wisconsin farmer regrets signing on with a wind developer

Click on the images below to watch an interview with Wisconsin father and son dairy farmers who talk about their first hand experiences with wind developers, hosting a met tower on their land, and what the developer did to them after they changed their mind about hosting turbines in their land.

For those who have slower internet connection, a transcript of the interview can be read by clicking here.



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