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1/15/09 Thumping with a 100% chance of loud jet sounds: Forecast from Fond du Lac County Invenergy windfarm.

The Meyer Family live in the Invenergy Forward Energy Wind farm near the Town of Byron in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. Gerry Meyer has been keeping a noise log since the turbines went on line near his home in March of 2008.

In yesterday's entry he talks about noticing the thumping sound from the turbines is louder inside the pole shed than it is out of doors. He mentions Ann Wirtz whose alpaca herd sheltered in a pole shed and began to fail once the turbines went on line. The Wirtz family have abandoned their home because of wind turbine noise and vibration. To read the story of why the Wirtz Family abandoned their home, CLICK HERE

Scroll down to read yesterday's noise log entry. Click on the image above to hear the turbine closest to the Meyer home. This was recorded with a hand held video camera from the Meyer's porch

Jan 14, 2010 7:15AM,

Wind SW, [turbine spinning at] 18 rpms. Loud jet sound or thumping sound. I can hear it in the house as well.

I can hear it in the driveway 20’ from an idling diesel pickup truck and while an 800cc 4- wheeler is pushing snow. This sound is mainly from turbines # 4 and #73. At one point thismorning the sound, while outside, seemed to be coming from everywhere.

Again in my opinion this should not be a “sacrifice” we should endure, one that is taking away our quality of life and health to satisfy the wants of the PSC.

I have noticed recently that when I am in my new wood shed the thumping and pounding is louder. I can hear it over the radio as I fill the wood furnace. I think of Ann Wirtz’s alpacas and what they must have endured in the metal pole shed that they lived in until they had to be moved off the property.

Today the thumping and pounding from the turbines was loud, similar to what we often hear in the house. I thought that I would check the speed of the turbine blades when I left the shed. The turbine is directly north of the wood shed and about 1585’ away.

When I walked out of the shed and closed the door I realized that the thumping sound outdoors was not as loud as IN the shed. This must be the low frequency noise issue or effect I have heard about. This is the decibel (dbC) reading the wind companies won’t talk about and the PSC ignores.

9:30 PM Wind NW. Jet sound and pounding sound continues especially from turbine 4 plus turbine 6.



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