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1/21/09 Living with Turbines Quote of the Day


SOURCE -The Caledonian-Record, Letters to the editor

January 20, 2010

"Like Chinese Water Torture" by Justin Lindholm

"When turbine blades are spinning in an average decent wind, the tips of these blades are moving at about 180 miles per hour and are bent back severely because of resistance to the wind.

This resistance to the wind, plus the high speed of the tips, causes turbulence, which creates noise.

The noise sounds like that of a stiff wind when one stands only a couple hundred yards away from the towers.

But when one stands at a spot ½-mile to over 2 miles away, the sound is a low, dull, penetrating, throbbing series of never-ending pressure waves – hour after hour, day and night, sometimes for days on end, like Chinese water torture.

The Lempster turbines have been operating for about a year now. While I was hunting there this year, I noticed that I didn’t need a compass to orient myself in the deep, dark woods 2½ miles away so long as the turbines were throbbing.

On Dec. 5, I talked to two people who work for the town of Lempster. They told me that people are grieving their taxes because of noise.

They also told me that the wind company has turned from being Mr. Friend before the project to being Mr. Foe now. The company is contesting the town’s assertion that the company’s massively heavy machinery caused road damage."

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