« 1/30/10 ANOTHER TRIPLE FEATURE: UK's National Health Service takes a closer look at Wind Industry funded health study AND South of the border, down DeKalb and Lee County Way: With 145 turbines running, "It doesn't feel like home anymore" AND What kind of changes will another 150 turbines bring to Livingston County? | Main | 1/24/10 TRIPLE FEATURE: From open arms to balled fists: Green honeymoon ends once turbines start: Residents realize their lives are changed forever. AND Why are Brown County landowners changing their minds about hosting turbines? AND Wind developers wounds to Wisconsin community have not healed. »

1/29/10 How many is too many? Columbia County learns of yet another wind developers plans AND Glacier Hill's 18 turbine "Country Cousin" wind project has no plans to 'buy American'

Home in a Wisconsin wind farm, Fond du Lac County. Photo by Gerry MeyerAnother county wind farm? Feasibility tests in south promising so far

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