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3/10/10 What's it like to live in a Wisconsin wind project? It's been two years, are you used to it yet? AND How were you getting those transmission towers here?

What's it like to live in the 86 turbine Invenergy Forward Energy wind project?

Home in Invenergy Forward Energy project, Fond du Lac County--- photo by Gerry Meyer 2009

Here are two recent notes to Better Plan from the Meyer Family. They are residents of the Invenergy Forward Energy wind project near the Town of Byron in Fond du Lac county. 

Since the turbines went online near their home two years ago, they have had trouble sleeping, increased blood pressure, ringing and crackling in the ears and headaches. Cheryl has been taking sleeping medication, something she never needed before the turbines started up.

The closest turbine to their home is less than 1600 feet.

From Cheryl Meyer

March 8, 2010

"The turbines are so loud that our dog, Trigger, goes to the backroom window and barks at them.

It sounds like a snowplow driving around the house full bore with its blade down.

I find it interesting the last few days that when I go out with the dog he goes so far down the sidewalk and then turns and looks north to the turbine. He stares at it a few seconds and then moves on.

 But they have been usually loud the last two days. Just thought I would let you know.  


March 9, 2010

From Gerry Meyer:

Cheryl has a really bad headache.

 She has tried Imatrex or the shot three times in three days, so today went to the Doctor....

The message Cheryl wrote you was when I was in LA. I remember her telling me that the turbines sounded like snow plow coming through the house.

You could add that Trigger barked because that is what he does when a vehicle comes in the driveway. The turbine was so loud he thought a plow was in the driveway.


This video was shot by Gerry Meyer from his porch.


On February 18th, I spent another night in the Meyer home to get a better idea of what they are living with and was kept up well past three in the morning by a thumping from the turbines that seemed to come from all directions.

The only thing I can compare it to is the bass sound you hear coming from a car with powerful speakers. You feel the noise as well as hear it. It was impossible to sleep until it finally stopped.

The typical turbine jet sounds and whooshing were louder outdoors than indoors, but the low thumping was penetrating and much louder inside the home than outside the home. This was especially so on the second floor.

The Meyer family home is a typical wood framed old farm house found throughout rural Wisconsin. The Meyer's young son often goes to bed with two radios playing, one on either side of his head to counteract the turbine noise.


3/11/10 Clean and green? Or dirty and red-handed? AND Greed is a bi-partisan affair: a look at AWEA CEO's 'cleansed' bio

3/10/10 DOUBLE FEATURE: Look what they've done to our ridgetop, Ma.... How do you get 200 tons worth of wind turbine up a fragile road?

AND Got trouble forcing your wind project onto a rural community? Why bother with local government when you can change federal legislation? All it takes is five million dollars worth of lobbyists doing their green jobs

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