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3/21/10 How Now Brown County?: Brown County Board to join debate on wind turbines

Brown County Board committee to join the debate on wind turbines

SOURCE: Green Bay Press-Gazette, www.greenbaypressgazette.com

March 21, 2010

By Tony Walter

A Brown County Board committee plans to enter the debate on wind turbines.

The Planning, Development and Transportation Committee will air the controversial topic at its April meeting, although the date hasn’t been set.

The County Board voted Thursday to send the issue to the committee, but committee Chairman Bernie Erickson said there wasn’t enough time to include it on Monday’s meeting agenda.

“We put it off for 30 days because we didn’t think it was enough notice to the public,” Erickson said.

Chicago-based Invenergy LLC has applied to the Public Service Commission to build 100 wind turbines in the towns of Morrison, Glenmore, Holland and Wrights town.

Some landowners have signed contracts with Invenergy while other property owners are opposing the project, claiming it invites health problems and reduced property values.

Erickson said he has no opinion on the issue yet.

“My position is that we represent the people and if they want to make a statement (at the meeting), that’s why we’re there,” he said. “At this moment, we just want to get the facts.”

Supervisor Pat Evans said Thursday that the county should take a stand on the issue because “the PSC is rolling over the people of southern Brown County. We should create a resolution opposing the wind farms.”

Board attorney Fred Mohr told supervisors that wind turbines are a statewide issue and any resolution would be advisory only because the PSC has the authority to grant the permits.


UK Wind Farms Failing to Produce Enough Power

"Too many developments are under-performing. ‘It’s because the developers grossly exaggerate potential.‘The subsidies make it viable for developers to put turbines on sites they would not touch if the money was not available.’

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