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4/14/10 WSC meetings now on YouTube

Better Plan will be posting video and providing selected transcripts of the WSC meetings as time permits.

Click on the image below to watch the first Wind Siting Council Meeting held at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. A timeline is for this video along with a transcript of PSC Chairman Callisto's opening remarks are provided below.


The first Wind Siting Council meeting at the Public Service Commission was held on March 29, 2010.


0:00 Opening remarks by Eric Callisto
2:04 Introduction of Elizabeth Hanigan, Foley lawyer working pro bono,
2:55 Dan Ebert introductory remarks

Introductions from PSC Staff:

6:08 Dan Sage
6:26 Deborah Erwin
6:53 John Lorance
7:07 Joyce Dingman
7:29 Nate Zolik
8:08 Dan Ebert speaks about the handout
8:57 Dan Sage on open meeting protocol


Eric Callisto: I’m just going to be here a few minutes to say hi, wish you all well, and then I’ll let you get at it.

 Couple of quick things. First and foremost thank you for your commitment, this is a major undertaking and no small commitment of your time and the commission’s time, obviously, but these are important processes.

 This is probably--- and I say this in a room full of energy people, -- with telecom guys I would probably say something different—this is probably the most important rule-making we have going right now, some on the telecom side as well, for the obvious reasons.

 This a very important issue for the state and I think the statute gets us going in the right direction but as we all know the statute is sort of the framework for these kind of processes, the real detail comes in the rule making. And this advisory council I think is going to provide an important part of that level of detail.

 Before I came to the commission I worked in the department of regulation and licensing an agency that has a very collaborative process between the agency and assisting advisory boards. I’d like to think we can use a similar model here. I really hope we can get to a place of concensus from the council.

  I recognize that’s asking a lot. We have by design very disparate points of view on the council. I think ultimately that cauldron of dialog and approaches to this issue will make the rule a better rule. I know a lot of you have very strong views on what’s the right way to go on this, I encourage you to express those views but I also encourage you to work towards a final solution.

 It’s very helpful to the commission as we take this rule up if we can get from this council what amounts to a concensus point of view. I know that’s a high hurdle to set but I’m going to set it up here at the front end. 

 Again, thank you very much. I do want to note that Elizabeth Hanigan—she’s here – Elizabeth is a Foley lawyer who has offered to do some pro-bono work for the group, she has worked on all sides of this issue with various clients so she’ll be able to help in a scrivener context and I just encourage the council to turn to her as needed for that type of work.

 So again, thank you for your time, for your devotion to this important topic and I wish best success. We’re going to get this done hopefully by July so it’s a very quick timeframe. So please [inaudible], Thank you.



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