« 4/3/10 Watch the 4/1/10 wind siting council meeting at the PSC: For some it's like watching paint dry, for others it's like watching their future in someone elses hands. | Main | 4/1/10 TRIPLE FEATURE: Brown County Health department says wind turbine health effects need looking into AND Kewanee County Town of Carlton passes large wind moritorium No Foolin'! PSC will webcast AUDIO of today's 1:30 PM WSC Meeting! »

4/2/10 DOUBLE FEATURE: Wisconsin family driven from home by wind turbine noise takes it to court AND Couldn't make it to the April 1, 2010 Wind Siting Council Meeting? Watch it here!

Click on the image above to hear what wind turbines sound like in the Invenergy Forward Energy Project in Fond du lac and Dodge Counties

April  2, 2010 by Paul Snyder in The Daily Reporter


NOTE FROM THE BPWI RESEARCH NERD: Better Plan will be uploading video the entire April 1, 2010 WSC meeting to YouTube in ten minute segments over the next few days.

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