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5/3/10 DOUBLE FEATURE: Wisconsin farmer lets us know why he said no to Invenergy's offer to put wind turbines on is farmland AND Spotlight on Wind Siting Council member and wind developer Bill Rakocy's money making wind farm deal

Home in Invenergy wind project near the Town of Bryron, Fond du Lac County, WI

In February, Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy hosted an informational meeting at VanAbles in Hollandtown, WI. The event drew over 600 people. One of the speakers was Monroe County farmer, Doug Fries, who spoke about why he changed his mind about hosting Invenergy's wind turbines on his property.

Here is some of what he said about his encounter with Invenergy wind developers:

  "They offered us four thousand dollars a year....  I was the middle guy in Ridgeville. I own 900 acres.  And they said to me right before the one meeting, "We know we're offering everyone four thousand, but for you what we'll do is this: how much money will it take?"

I said, "I thought you said everybody gets  the same."

"Well, you're the guy right in the middle. We can't make this work without you."

So I said, "I get more, then?"

"Yeah. How much more will it take?"

I said, "You guys need to get on the road. Because we're done talking. Because you're liars."

They lied to us. They went right down to the meeting an hour later and told everybody at that meeting that everybody got the same.

My son, myself, and my hired man was sitting at the table when they said that. They denied saying it at the meeting, just an hour earlier what they said.

I don't want to deal with guys like that. I want to deal with guys that are on the up and up.

Watch all of what Doug Fries had to say by clicking on the links below:

Part One

Part Two


Wind Siting Council member Bill Rakocy, founding member and wind developer; Emerging EnergiesSOURCE: It's a Win Wind Situation!

Press Release:

Baker Tilly Capital successfully provided advisory services to wind developers to sell a 20-megawatt wind farm facility.

CH Shirley Wind, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation (CHEC), plans to invest $50 million in a 20-megawatt wind farm located in Glenmore, Wisconsin.

CH Shirley Wind acquired a 90-percent controlling interest in the project, which carries a 20-year power purchase agreement contract with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation for the electric output of its eight wind turbines. Construction on Shirley Wind will begin in 2010 and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2010.

"Baker Tilly Capital was able to deliver the required funding partner, support negotiations of our development agreements, and effectively meet project timelines while in a tremendously challenging capital market."            

 - Bill Rakocy, Managing Member            
        Emerging Energies of Wisconsin, LLC

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