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5/28/10 On Shadow Flicker and Wind Turbines

Shadow Flicker: "Similar to flicker experienced when driving"

-Dr. Jevon McFadden, slide 15, 5/17/10 presentation to Wind Siting Council.

Click on image below to see Wind turbine shadow flicker video taken in a PSC approved wind project Fond du Lac County home at 6:30 am on Tuesday April 28th,

More shadow flicker from Fond du Lac County

Click on the image below to watch Better Plan's audio interpretation of shadow flicker

Click on the image below to see shadow flicker in a home in DeKalb County

The family living in this home is keeping a diary about their life with wind turbines.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBPAGE

Not a good neighbor

received a call this morning from the Next Era operating manager letting us know there is nothing they can do for us since the results of their sound study (that they conducted) came back under the illinois pollution control board levels. so, we will get no relief from the sound. we were able to see a copy of the sound study which looked more like a lawyer had written it, rather than extensive sound results. Next Era Energy, LLC. claims to be such great neighbors and upstanding in the community, but they are not.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sound is horrible today

it's Sunday afternoon, 89 degrees, winds SSW at 17mph. the sound is horrible today and turbine number 30 is whistling again.
we were outside on the front porch and had to come in because of the noise. sitting at the computer now typing this out and can still hear the sound through the walls.
it is so upsetting to our family that this is happening. we're going to have to move someday. we are being forced to move from our dream home that we designed and built (with our own hands), the home we brought all our babies home from the hospital, the home that is close to our family/friends/and neighbors, the home where we have created such great family memories, the home that is close to a wonderful school where we volunteer and our children attend....HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY PUT A PRICE ON OUR HOME?
we wish the turbines could just be turned off. we could deal with what they look like, just turn them off.
we reported this disturbance to the Next Era hotline and the planning and zoning office of dekalb county. this is a noise that NO ONE should have to live with. it's heartbreaking that the wind industry misleads voting members in saying that turbines don't affect people.
we are proof that they do! wind companies who are reading this, please tell the truth in your presentations to county board members, landowners, residents, etc... we agree, yes they can sound like a light swishing, babbling brooke, a refrigerator as you claim. but, the reality is that they don't always sound like that.
most of the time they sound like jet plane engines in your yard and in your home. the quality of sound and low frequency hum is a nuissance that no one should live with. as a side note....say they did sound like a refrigerator all the time (which they don't)....who would want to sleep next to their refrigerator, bike and walk next to one, have a refrigerator running next to you as you push your child on the swingset, listen to a refrigerator as you sit on the front porch...and so on. that would be a nuissance....to ANYONE!
these turbines are way too close to homes. we are calling for the wind companies to be honest in their presentations to county board members, planning and zoning committees, residents, landowners, etc.
we heard 2 presentations last week from 2 different wind companies claiming the same thing...very minimal sound. live with them for a month and you will know what we're talking about!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Irresponsible Wind Company

last night there was no sound from turbines. slept through the night and woke up rested. this morning it was a good day to be outside, beautiful weather and some turbines off and some lightly spinning. the winds are picking up (winds from the S, 11mph) this afternoon and the blades are starting to feather out which is creating the low droning. one moment there is peace and the next is filled with this annoying background chopping/low frequency sound. these turbines are too close to our home. how irresponsible of the wind companies to erect these machines so close...this is happening all over. so many people have to suffer. this could be solved by placing the turbines at least a mile away.

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