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5/9/10 Different State, Same Wind Clowns

Note from the BPWI Research Nerd: Click on the image above to hear what wind turbines sound like, how the quality of the sound changes depending on where you stand, and why so many in our state are having trouble living with them. Where wind developers venture, a torn up community is sure to follow. Though the following letter is from a resident of rural New York State, it could have come from any of the many communities in Wisconsin where wind developers looking to control land and make money do not hesitate to practice the art of turning neighbor against neighbor.


SOURCE: Watertown Daily Times, www.watertowndailytimes.com

May 9 2010

Several years ago, our small community was targeted by representatives of the wind company, Iberdrola Renewables, cleverly disguised as environmentalists. They quietly scoped out our farmers and large landowners, promising them large incomes, lower taxes and community gain. For a long time they appeared to have kept their plans under wraps; this prevented the rest of the community from knowing what was in the works during the early stages. Now that this intrigue has unfolded, our once close-knit community has been left in ruins before the approval of even one wind turbine has taken place.

The company now apparently intends to open an office in Hammond, creating the façade of an honorable business environment. Even this simple event seems rife with rumors, denials and accusations. Iberdrola Renewables will not respond to questions by the media, even regarding opening an office, unless in the form of an e-mail. Employees of Iberdrola have refused to have an open forum with our citizens. They have attended our Wind Advisory Committee meetings but would not answer questions unless presented in writing prior to the meeting. I do not hold these representatives personally responsible, since they are but the hired hands of the foreign wind company, doing their job as directed. It would appear that the direction is to be vague, avoid direct answers and spread information that ignores much of the real science behind the industry. Destroying relationships in our town is merely collateral damage.

I say to Iberdrola, you are not guests in our community. You did not approach our townspeople with an open meeting to present your agenda, fielding questions and inviting the community to participate in any plans. I believe you are here to make money at the expense of the people you purport to be helping. You have shown yourselves to be evasive and secretive. Doing business with any other company that behaves in this manner would be unacceptable even to the most gullible consumer, but you have insinuated yourselves with promises of big money and environmental commitment. Even the best among us have been taken in. I urge our citizens to see you as you truly are, and encourage you to go elsewhere, leaving us to clean up the wreckage your well-planned assault has left behind.

Brooke Stark


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