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6/1/10 Talking about turbine noise and setbacks and property values: just a few of the things that will be discussed in the longest Wind Siting Council Meeting Yet AND How Bad Could Shadow Flicker Be? 



Wednesday, June 2, 2010, at starting at 9AM

Flambeau Room, third floor

Public Service Commission Building

610 North Whitney Way

Madison, Wisconsin

 [Click here for map]

Audio of the meeting will be broadcast from the PSC Website beginning at 9:00. CLICK HERE to visit the PSC website, click on the button on the left that says "Live Broadcast". Sometimes the meetings don't begin right on time. The broadcasts begin when the meetings do so keep checking back if you don't hear anything at the appointed start time.


1) Welcome/Review of today’s agenda

2) Review and adoption of meeting minutes of May 17, 2010

3) Presentation: Noise/Sound
James Cowan, Bd. Cert. INCE, URS Corporation
Additional presenters invited but not confirmed as of date of notice posting

4) Presentation: Property Values
Ben Hoen, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (previously recorded)

5) Presentation: Setbacks
Council member Andy Hesselbach, We Energies

6) BREAK – Lunch will be provided for Wind Siting Council Members

7) Background information on questions raised by Council regarding the draft rules

a. Statutory interpretation
b. Enforcement
c. Commission rulemaking authority
d. Notice requirements
e. Emergency services
f. Vestas manual reference
g. Decommissioning
h. Stray voltage
i. Complaint resolution

8) Discuss formulating the Council’s recommendations on topics covered by the draft rules

9) Next steps/Discussion of next meeting’s time, place and agenda

10) Adjourn

This meeting is open to the public.
If you have any questions or need special accommodations, please contact Deborah Erwin at the
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin by telephone at (608) 266-3905 or via e-mail at


Shadow Flicker: "Similar to flicker experienced when driving"

-Dr. Jevon McFadden, slide 15, 5/17/10 presentation to Wind Siting Council.

Click on the image below to see if you agree.

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