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1/13/11 What is Brown County saying about the content of Walkers new bill? Two words: THANK YOU!

Brown County group encouraged by content of Walker's 2011 Bill

 Source: BCCRWE.com                                                                                

DENMARK, WI -  Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy (BCCRWE) is encouraged by the proposed bill that would amend Wis. Stats. Ch. 196 with respect to the regulation of wind energy systems with a nameplate capacity of less than 100MW. 

The draft legislation would limit the role of the PSCW in determining the setback distances of industrial wind turbines and instead set them through this legislation.

 As written, the draft legislation establishes 1800 foot setbacks from non-participating properties.  This is a sound first step in protecting the health and safety of those forced to live in close proximity to wind turbines and more closely aligns with the World Health Organization recommendations for safe noise levels.

This is an issue that affects all Wisconsin taxpayers and utility ratepayers. 

Without this crucial legislation, a new tax is effectively levied upon all of us through higher utility rates at a time when Wisconsin can least afford it. 

This would negatively impact businesses’ ability to keep manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin as well as limiting their potential to restore the thousands of manufacturing jobs that have been lost during the recession. 

We currently have a 35% over capacity of electric generation in Wisconsin, and to suggest we need additional, very expensive generation that has been proven to do little in reducing our carbon footprint is completely irresponsible. 

We are thankful for Governor Walker and our legislators recognizing this and taking the first step to address these issues through this draft bill.  We are hopeful that this legislation can be extended to industrial wind projects with a nameplate capacity of over 100MW as well. 

BCCRWE Contact:

Steve Deslauriers


PO Box 703

Denmark 54208

Phone:            920-785-1837

Email:            info@bccrwe.com

Better Plan encourages you to contact Governor Walker's office to thank him for introducing this bill and to also contact your senator and representative to encourage them to support it.

 CONTACT Governor Scott Walker govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
115 East Capitol
Madison WI 53702
(608) 266-1212

CONTACT Legislators  

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