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3/23/11 Yet another 130 foot long turbine blade shatters in same wind project


SOURCE  Our Life with DeKalb Wind Turbines

Sunday, March 20, 2011

There was another turbine blade that shattered this morning in the Lee/Dekalb county windfarm project by Nextera Energy Resources (approximately 4 miles from our home … we can see the shattered turbine from our property). there was debris thrown from the blade.

In May of 2010 there was a blade that shattered in this project, and the NextEra spokesperson (Steve Stengel) said in the Dekalb County Chronicle: “that type of blade failure is unusual.”

We just called the NextEra hotline number to report a noise disturbance. We are trying to get to sleep and it's very difficult with this pulsating noise. Also, it is lightening outside and we asked the hotline to ask NextEra to turn off the turbines. We were informed that yesterday's blade shatter debris went over 400 yards.

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