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3/30/11 What now? Future of wind rules now in the hands of the legislature AND What to expect when you're expecting wind turbines


SOURCE:Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

March 29, 2011

By Thomas Content

The Legislature's joint committee for review of administrative rules voted Tuesday to punt the thorny issue of how close wind turbines should be from nearby properties back to the state Public Service Commission.

The committee voted 5-to-3 to introduce the bill along party lines, with Republicans in support and Democrats against. The same committee had voted earlier this month to block the PSC wind siting rule from taking effect.

Tuesday's vote essentially ends development of the rule it drafted last year and requires the commission to start over on a new one.

Wind energy developers said they wanted to see the rule go into effect because it gave developers guidance on how to proceed with investments in wind projects.

But Republicans sided with wind-farm opponents, the Wisconsin Realtors Association and Wisconsin Towns Association, which considered the PSC rule to favorable to wind-industry interests and too restrictive from a property rights perspective.

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What to expect when you are expecting wind turbines.

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