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5/15/08 Why Won't the Wind Developer Answer Our Request for Verification of Their Survey?

man%20question%20marks.jpgThe BPRC has asked three times for information to help us verify the results of a survey paid for by wind developer, EcoEnergy (as reported in the Janesville Gazette--click here to read it)

As of May 31, still no response from Mr. Bjurlin, of EcoEnergy, though we saw him live and and in person at the Town of Union public hearing about the wind ordinance. We are surprised that a company that has its sights set on dramatically changing the lives of so many people in our community wouldn't bother with a reply to our requests for information. The words "arrogance" and "entitlement" come to mind. Also "rudeness". But wind developers are not known for caring much about the communities they wish to make money off of. EcoEnergy's refusal to respond is evidence of this.

UPDATE As of May 15, still no answer from EcoEnergy. Why not? Here is our latest email to them
Dear Mr. Bjurlin,

This is my third email to you regarding the survey sponsored by EcoEnergy.

 As you know, I've been asked by several members of our community to verify the results of this survey and I would very much like to do so. Will you kindly tell me who conducted the survey and what was the exact wording of the questions asked?

Again I remind you that an open request and my intention is to post your answer on the betterplan.squarespace.com website.

The courtesy of a reply is requested.
UPDATE: As of May 13, we not yet gotten a response to our letter below- we will post it as soon as we hear back from Mr. Bjurlin or another representative from EcoEnergy
Here is our letter to EcoEnergy project developer Mr. Bjurlin. We hope to get an answer from him very soon. Check in for updates--
May 10, 2008 
Dear Mr. Bjurlin,
I do research for residents in my community about the proposed wind farms in Magnolia and Evansville and I've received several inquiries about the the survey EcoEnergy commissioned about the proposed three turbine project in the town of Union. Specifically, I've been asked if it is possible to verify these results. Would you be kind enough to tell me the name of the group who did the survey and let me know the exact wording of the questions asked? Please know I am asking you with the intent to post your answer on the Better Plan, Rock County website. The survey was mentioned in the Janesville Gazette, May 8th, 2008 (
I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.
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