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8/19/08 How does a resident in a Fond du Lac county wind farm feel about losing access to the Flight for Life Helicopter? Let him tell you.

After reading this announcement from Flight For Life, a Fond du Lac resident sends a letter to the editors of the two papers in his community to express his feelings about losing access to the Flight For Life Helicopter and to spread the word to his community about what has happened. The letter he's written is printed below.

Dear Editor,
 Flight for Life recently sent a notice to local law enforcement agencies and fire departments advising them that they will NOT land in areas where there are clusters of wind turbines due to the risks involved.  These risks include the height of the turbines (400 feet with a wingspan of 270 feet) and vortices equal to the turbulence created by a 747 airplane.
As a taxpayer who lives on the edge of one of Fond du Lac County‚Äôs three wind turbine industrial slums, I have grave concerns concerning the health and safety of not only my neighbors and family, but of others who will at some point be involved in some type of accident requiring urgent care and transportation.  Yes, we can still be served by an ambulance, but in many cases much more urgent transportation via Flight for Life is needed.   In those cases, victims will now need to be transferred via ambulance to the helicopter, resulting in potentially deadly delays, unnecessary handling of a patient, and additional financial costs for the patient and their family.
I am not criticizing the decision made by Flight for Life, it was made for obvious reasons. However, our local government, the developers, and landowners hosting turbines have created a situation where the health and safety of their own families, their neighbors, and many others is at risk.
Curt Kindschuh
W6279 County Road F
Brownsville, WI 53006

A NOTE FROM THE BPRC RESEARCH NERD: Earlier this month, a member of our own community here in Rock County had to be evacuated by a med-flight helicopter to Madison. We are glad to report she is doing well. And we are grateful the med-flight helicopter could land where it was needed. If you are concerned about another one of the many negative impacts improper siting of wind turbines will have our our community, perhaps you too will take a few moments to write a letter to the editor of your local paper and let them know how you feel about this. Getting this information out will support our local officials in their decision to adopt an ordinance which places human health, safety and welfare over wind developer's profits.

Write a letter that is 250 words or less and send it to these papers. (It's OK to send the same letter to all of them)

Fond du Lac Reporter:  mmentzer@fdlreporter.com 
Beaver Dam Daily Citizen: dc-news@capitalnewspapers.com
The Janesville Gazette: click here
The Brodhead Independent Register: click here
The Evansville Review: The Evansville Review  gildner@mail.eishome.com
Wisconsin State Journal:  kcrary@madison.com

And while you're at it, why not send the letter to your legislators in Madison?
To find out who they are and how to contact them, click here click here

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