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8/16/08 What do wind farms bring? When sited too close to homes, they bring misery and pit father against son, neighbor against neighbor, and the green reason isn't the environment, it's money.

Here in Rock County we've seen the destruction wind developers can bring to a community. Before a single turbine has been erected, family relations have been shattered, neighbors have stopped speaking to one other, and many of us worry about being able to stay in the homes we've worked so hard for. The green these developers are after isn't environmental. And they don't seem to care who they hurt in order to get it. They are secretive, they don't give us straight answers, and they have turned life as we know it in our community upside down. So when people say "The wind is free"-- for those of us who have been living with the threat of 40 story industrial wind turbines forcibly sited 1000 feet from our doors-- there's nothing free about it.


This week, the story of the down side of industrial wind farms has gone national. As reported in Newsweek, the Washington Post and the New York Times: from a distance, a wind farm doesn't look so bad. But when you look closer, when you are forced to live inside of one, it's a different picture. This video was recently made by a resident of the town of Byron in Wisconsin's Fond du Lac county. It's a good picture of what happens when wind developers have their way and put turbines too close to our homes, all the time assuring us they won't cause us any trouble. There is a place for wind energy, but 1000 feet from our homes isn't it.

A bitter wind; Huge windmills on farmland disrupt tranquility, split town and families
August 16, 2008 by Helen O'Neill in New York Times
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