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9/30/09 Hot off the press: The Glacier Hills Environmental Impact Statement AND Anti-collision lights are out in the Invernergy wind farm near Byron. Is anyone letting the pilots know? Who ya gonna call?

The PSC has made the Environmental Impact Statement for the propose Glacier Hills wind project available for download. Better Plan is reviewing it.

[Download the document by clicking here]

To learn more about the Glacier Hills wind project and see a map showing turbine locations and how many non-participating homes will be affected, click here.

This morning we received an email from a resident of the Invenergy Forward Energy wind farm near the Town of Byron. He writes:

"The Forward Energy Wind Farm has lost its anti-collision lighting for the last two days.

I am not sure why.

I would understand when one or two wind turbines need attention but when the whole wind farm goes out, I think this is of some concern.

The wind farm lays just over 5 miles from the ILS approach to Fond du Lac. "

We received another email from a different resident in the same wind farm. He writes:

"For about a month the wind has been almost non existant. The turbines had not been turning for hours or even sometimes for the whole day. I bet you had some wind that last two days? When we went to bed Monday night the wind was strong and the turbine sounds were very loud in the house, well outside too. I got up at 5AM on Tuesday. It was windy, but none of the 86 turbines were turning. Even now at 7AM Wednesday no turbines are turning."

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