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1/9/12 Why should wind turbine setbacks be measured from property lines?


Why do wind turbine setbacks need to be measured from the property line?

This graphic, adapted from one created by CWESt [down load it here] shows that when the 1250 foot setback is measured from a neighboring home, some of that neighbors land becomes a 'no-build' zone.

Once the turbine is up on your neighbor's land, you can't build on your own land if it is within 1250 of the turbine.

Under current PSC siting regulations, a 500 foot wind turbine on your neighbors property can be built as close as 1250’ from the foundation of your home.

Farmer A collects the contracted payments from a wind developer and farmers B,C,D,and E lose the right to build on their own land.

[The image above was adapted by Better Plan from this CWESt flyer.]

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